this part is hard for me...

I like to blend into the background, but here goes...

I'm Errin. I love reading the "abouts" but I hate writing them. I have two kids - I don't like to say their age - makes me feel old. Photography isn't even work - I crave it. I enjoy seeing life and freezing time forever. Family is everything to me. I love to travel, too. My goal is pretty simple, be happy as many minutes of the day as I can be and to make others around me happy, too.

I’m "down to earth" and sarcastic. I like learning about others and how they've chosen to live this life. Love weddings that are unique to you so much so that I can walk in as a stranger and leave knowing who you are. When I'm editing, I'm listening to Smartless or Dateline. When I've got a moment to decompress, I'm gardening (mostly flowers) and watching my kids doing something they love. My editing style is classic and timeless even though I love a little moody and airy on my personal photos from time to time.

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