I’ll guide you through the entire process

I have seen a few weddings, so I have some experience.


Book what you NEED, add on later. Not too many know their timeline when they book with me, and that's okay!

02. Timeline

The two things I always look at when working with you and your timeline are 1. Will you see each other (first look) before the ceremony or not? 2. What time is sunset (those will be some amazing photos!)?

03. Venue

Is everything happening in one place? Are we traveling from ceremony to photo location to reception?

04. What do you love?

I want to know what you are looking for! Are we compatible? I like to blend into the crowd on the wedding day. With the exception of family photos and wedding party photos, you won't hear from me. I focus on finding everyone smiling and any other emotions that happen during the day versus posing all your friends mid-sentence.

05. Wedding Party

I photograph each party separately, offer individuals with each of them, and the entire party together in 3 quick poses. I ask that you give me 30-45 minutes with the wedding party and another 30-45 minutes with the two of you (preferably at sunset). Every wedding is different!

06. Family Photos

Let's be organized with these! Before the wedding I send a form for you to fill out going over all of the details. One section is for family photos! I like a list in advance so we can make sure we get everything you hoped for and are organized in the process! I'd like family members to know in advance that they are in photos. We don't want the officiant announcing family photos at the end and have your 3rd cousin waiting her turn for photos and she is not on the list! Leave 20-40 minutes for family photos!