Song going through my head the entire session “BAAAAABE I THINK I LOVE YA” because…. I adore everything about this crew.

When I first got the email - I was VERY nervous! We met in person and Amanda and Hunter were absolutely LOVELY humans and I left thinking “I want best friends like them.” They are down-to-Earth, easy going, happy, happy, thrilled people. Who wouldn’t want to work with someone so kind and wonderful? That raises the bar, though, so their photos have to be amazing just like them! When they described their Super Bowl on Ice - I wasn’t sure which to be more excited about - their double wedding on the river OR a sunrise session on ice? Time will tell, it’s going to be very hard to beat this engagement session though.

John (cowboy hat) is marrying Amanda and John’s daughter is marrying Chris… on the same day… and I’m THRILLED for all this happiness that I get to witness! 

Flame throwers, epic snowsuits, love, a sunrise, a good ol’ frozen lake in Wisco … yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes yes!!!!!!

I’m so excited for MARCH when I get to see them all again!